A Private Paradise in the Northwestern
An archipelago in The Bay Islands, Cayos Cochinos is a Marine Biological Reserve
off the mountainous, northern coast of Honduras in Central America.
Welcome to Cayos Cochinos...

Octopus in the shallow water
Honduran Holidays

January 1 - New Year's Day
Holy Thursday - Thursday before Easter
Good Friday - Friday before Easter
Easter - Sunday after the full moon and the vernal equinox
April 14 - Panamerican Day
May 1 - Labor Day
September 1 - Honduras Flag Day
September 10 - Children's Day (celebrated in the Bay Islands schools)
September 15 - "Quince de Septiembre" (Independence Day
October 3 - Morazan Day
October 12 - Columbus Day and Dia de la Raza
October 21 - Army Day
December 25 - Christmas Day
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April 10, 2011
Cayos sunsets are not to be missed...
Cayos is home to the
unusual, huge pink boa.